Lake Erie Charter Rates

Lake Erie Charter Rates

Our Lake Erie Charter Rates are competitive and our 32 years of experience make it a fair market value.

Now is the time to secure that good date for your Lake Erie Walleye, Perch or Smallmouth Charters on Lake’s Erie.  If you were planning on coming back in 2019 and maybe forgot to mentioned re booking, now’s the time to Call Captain John now at 419-345-3948.

Anglers have the choice to fish for any species and use any method while on your Lake Erie fishing trip. Whether it’s trolling, jigging or drifting for walleyes. Charters often will begin with one method, but ending with another if fishing is slow.

Any of these Lake Erie Charter Rates entitles you to at least eight hours aboard the Shamrock II. If you catch your limit early you may utilize the remaining portion of your trip to catch and release. In other words, it is not our policy to bring you back to dockside early. It’s not always feasible to fish for another species because of our location on the lake.

Lake Erie Charter One-Day Fishing License: For residents and nonresidents, fishing license may be purchased in advance of a scheduled charter trip. To validate the license, anglers must sign it and fill in the date at the beginning of each trip. If the trip is postponed, anglers may keep the validated license until they are able to reschedule the trip as long as it’s not dated. Sign it and date it once you know your going out fishing before you leave the dock.

We accept credit cards online through PayPal. To pay by credit card just click on the payment button found next to each charter of interest. You don’t need a PayPal account to use the feature.

For more information on our charters offered, pick one of our charter trip options.

Any questions, call or text  Captain John a call at 419-345-3948