About Us

 Shamrock Fishing Charter’s History

Shamrock Fishing Charters was started by Captain Roger, my father-in-law, and now is operated by me, Captain John Nickell. Although Capt. Roger was fishing in a better place and taught me the charter business like no other could. He was also an avid outdoorsman and an Ohio pistol champion in the late ’60s.

The Early Years

I worked in the printing and packaging industry for 35 years and ran Lake Erie Walleye Charters on the weekends. Capt. Roger ran the trips during the week. Since I retired from the printing and packaging industry,  I have been running the business full-time. There are many “weekend” captains, fine sportsmen as they may be, but there is something to be said about a FULL-time captain’s experience.   

Teaching Fishing Techniques While Having FUN!!

Shamrock Fishing Charters teaches you the true meaning of sports fishing. We are on the water almost daily, keeping us dialed into all the best fishing action. Because of this, you have the best opportunity to catch the limits of walleye or perch. A customer favorite is our Lake Erie Perch Charters. 

We drift fish or troll for walleye and allow our clients to handle their rods, reels, and lures. Most importantly, this is exciting and gives you experiences and various hands-on techniques. This is truly the most exciting and fun way to spend your day on Lake Erie. Therefore, you will not forget the hit of a trophy walleye. When you set the hook into this aggressive game fish, it is the kind of excitement you will remember for a lifetime. Our charter boat is fully equipped with the best drifting and trolling gear to meet the current Lake Erie conditions.

The Western Basin Is Where The Action Is!! 

Here in the Western Basin of Lake Erie, we primarily fish for walleye, smallmouth bass, and yellow perch. We use several different fishing styles and techniques throughout the season, depending on the current lake and weather conditions. We may start the season by jigging hair jigs for walleye or trolling crankbaits in deeper water.

As the season warms up, we drift and cast a spinner harness tipped with a worm or troll various spoons with jet divers. Lake conditions such as current, wind, migration patterns, and viability play essential roles in the style of fishing your captain chooses on a given day. Shamrock Fishing Charters provides our clients with the best opportunity for a successful fishing day on Lake Erie.

We recommend convenient overnight lodging at Lake Erie Charters-Lodging, close to our marina at Meinke West Marina. Don’t miss out on the best fishing option on Lake Erie. Call or text Captain John at 419-345-3948 to reserve your fishing trips with Shamrock Fishing  Charters today. 

Shamrock Fishing Charters is docked in the Western Basin of Lake Erie…famously known as “The Walleye Capital of the World!”  The Western Basin of Lake Erie comprises about 1/3 of Lake Erie. It is a shallow basin with average depths of less than 25 feet. Because of this, the western basin enjoys World Famous walleye fishing grounds with numerous natural reefs and islands.

Anglers consider walleye fishing as one of the most popular species of fish. Because of this, after fishing the Western Basin of Lake Erie, you, too, will be hooked! Walleyes feed aggressively and are generally concentrated in large schools. Walleyes are great fun to catch by anglers of all ages and are highly sought after as the best table fare!

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