Gift Certificates

We are looking for a gift for someone who loves fishing in Lake Erie. Check out our Lake Erie charter gift certificates for walleye, perch, and smallmouth bass!

Are you planning to surprise someone special? Why not treat them to a chartered fishing trip on Lake Erie? Choose from various charter trips and purchase your preferred fishing charter with ease.

Captain John can email you a link to print your gift certificate at home or in the office. This certificate is ideal for gifting to family members, employees, bosses, or fishing buddies. For more details, please click on the fishing charter below on our charter page.

Gift Certificate(s) for:

Lake Erie Walleye Charters
Item #: Walleye #1 Gift
Price: $690

Lake Erie Walleye Charters  No. 2 
Item #: Walleye #2 Gift
Price: $750

Deluxe Lake Erie Walleye Charters
Item #: Deluxe Gift
Price: $870

Lake Erie Smallmouth Charters
Item #: Deluxe Gift
Price: $720

Lake Erie Perch Charters
Item #: Deluxe Gift
Price: $660

Charter Deposit
Item #: Charter Deposit Gift
Price: $100
The walleye is known for possessing exceptional vision. Its large eyes let it gather light and hunt for prey deep in the water. Studies have found that walleyes can distinguish between different colors, with a particular ability to see red, orange, and yellow hues more clearly than green.
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