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Schedule a Lake Erie fishing charter with Captain John today. It’s time to go walleye fishing on Lake Erie’s western basin. The 2022 western basin walleye hatch was 83 walleyes per hectare ( a hectare is 2.47 times larger than an acre), the ninth largest hatch in the survey’s 35-year history and well above the average of 55. Let’s Go Fishing. The captain is waiting for the net to scoop up your walleye.

The dates that are marked booked are not available. If it says reserved, a deposit has not been received. Call or text Captain John to check on reserved days to see if the date is available. 419-345-3948.

Tips for enjoying your charter:

Make sure you purchase an Ohio fishing license.

Bring food and beverages in a small cooler, no glass bottles. Make sure you have sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat.

Bring good judgment; heavy drinking on a boat is a sour mix.

Take Seasick medication the night before your charter and the morning of the trip to avoid seasickness.

Don’t forget your camera or cell phone to take pictures. Pack clothing to match possible weather changes.

Jay is holding another walleye. What a great fishing day!

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